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Content marketing can be an extremely powerful marketing tool, especially when it’s amplified with good social media execution. I have a recent example of powerful content and social marketing, working with a small business in Florida. Garcia Weight Loss is a weight loss center with four locations in the Tampa area. I took over the ... [Read more]

Selling emerging technology products and software is challenging.  Educating and pre-selling the audience about a complex product is made easier by giving them a little “sample” of the product.  Letting prospects get a preview of what you’re selling is a successful B2B tactic. Spiral16 Software: Brand Snapshots When I was the Manager of Client Services ... [Read more]

Landing pages are an under-used but very important marketing tactic.  Customers are in a hurry and it’s critical allow them to get to information as soon as possible. Unique landing pages, especially for local offers and special events, are especially important. Sprint’s 3,700 stores did not have a way to direct potential customers to store ... [Read more]