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Sprint Field Marketing Strategy

According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace, successful employee and customer engagement boosts performance-related business outcomes by 240%.   

I built two field marketing programs to help Sprint retail stores utilize local social marketing to boost employee engagement and improve local retail sales. The core objective of the field marketing strategy was to empower local stores to utilize social media while staying within brand parameters.  Here are the results of my field marketing strategy:

  • Local marketing social content outperformed national content by 42%
  • Top 20 local markets, social media negative feedback was 11% (versus 44% nationally)

First Difference –  Use Social to Show Community Involvement, Real Emotion and Fun

Many of the local social posts were not slick or pretty.  I encouraged teams to create their own posts, showing their real life and let consumers peek behind the corporate curtain. The strategy was to establish a connection in the local markets.  Local posts showed event pictures, employee pictures and while these simple posts did not use an art director, the content resonated with the community.

Here are a few examples of the thousands of social posts published by the social teams.

Second Difference –  Leverage Social Trends, Holidays and Have Fun

Local teams posted much more unpaid, organic social content than the national brand.  I developed creative for local markets and stores that capitalized on trending topics in social, holidays and events.  As a part of the content strategy, we tried to make social creative for local markets a little more fun.

We had plenty of hard-sell content but when possible, I think it is good to use a lighter tough.  Here are a few of the MANY posts created for local markets. 

Why Strategy Was Effective

The overall creative approach for local social content was different from the national brand, which is one of the reasons the strategy was effective.  But the strategy was successful because of the way it was executed as well.  We empowered employees and we created training materials that were relevant to the audience.

Gave Retail Employees the Right Tools

Gave retail store employees and local markets mobile and online tools to create their own social media posts. By creating branded templates in Canva and sharing social posts via Buffer, retail employees were empowered while keeping Sprint’s brand consistent.

Created Relevant Training Content

Created social media training content that cut through the clutter of Sprint’s 17-page social media policy